Graphic design


It is the first step we take when we start working on a design. We analyze the field and the competition and see what the latest trends are.


In the next stage we come up with ideas and concepts that fit the needs of the new project and the client.


This stage we will use the most time, in which the designer’s knowledge is combined with the client’s wishes to obtain a modern design.


We make sure that the final product is received by the customer together with all the files.

What services do we offer you?

Visual identity

1. Logo design

In a graphic image is synthesized the brand and the values it wants to communicate.

2. Business card

It is important to be able to promote yourself anywhere, and a business card contains all the necessary data to be contacted.

elements corporate identity branding by

3. Promotional materials

Promotional materials include letterhead, folders, pens, CDs, badges or anything else that may be associated with the brand.
Depending on their size, the materials may contain the following: logo, web address, telephone, email, address.

4. Presentation catalog

Catalogs provide a description of the services or products that a company offers through attractive graphics. Depending on the needs, the catalogs can be made periodically or occasionally.

Brochure fashion by web
2.The logo is a unique creation and represents the brand identifier BY WEBKREATIV.NO

5. Email signature

It is the way in which you can transmit to the client more information about yourself.

There are several people in a company who send emails. It is good for everyone to have the same signature at the end of the email. This creates unity in the company’s image.

6. Identity manual

It is a set of rules and restrictions for using the brand image. All the elements of visual identity are presented, created especially for the brand, from business cards, to flyers, banners or even power point presentations.
Also here we find the rules for using the logo in other materials, both for the web and for print.

bifold_brochure by

Graphics for WEB

7. Banners

Banners are the most used graphic materials in the online environment. We have banners used on the site for offers, as well as banners used in promotion campaigns. They can be static or animated.

Monsoon_Outdoor_Banner_BY WEBKREATIV.NO_05

8. Cover Social Networks

All companies have at least one socialization page: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube or something else that better suits the brand. Therefore, a cover that promotes services or products is necessary for everyone.

9. Icons and graphic elements

They are most often used in the online environment to present an idea in a graphic way. They can be used individually (benefits, menu, etc.) or in groups (banner, infographic, etc.). Having a good impact on users, they began to be used in print materials (flyers, brochures, etc.).

Infografice by
The logo is a unique creation and represents the brand identifier BY WEBKREATIV.NO

10. Infographics

You want to present information of interest, useful for readers, in which the company’s services or products are integrated. Infographics are the most attractive way to do this. It helps the reader to find new information, which he can associate with the brand.

11. Newsletter

All companies that own a site have, more than likely, a database with e-mail addresses of customers or potential customers. The newsletter is the way to present the latest offers or news to an already selected audience.

2. Facebook cover cars rent by

Graphics for print

12. Roll-Up for print

It is one of the most used materials in the offline environment, due to the mobility and ease with which it can be reused. For added value, we come up with a modern design that supports the company’s message.

1. Outdoor_advertising_BY WEBKREATIV.NO

13. Outdoor / Mesh Banner

It is a way of promotion that reaches a very large number of users. There are those banners that we all see on the street, either on buildings or in specially arranged spaces.

14. Invite events

Does your company organize an event or participate in one? You will definitely need an invitation that you can send to your customers.
We come with graphics and it remains at your discretion if you use it online or offline.

Invite events by


Presentation movies

All products and companies need a presentation film, we can help you with a presentation film that will bring you more customers


We are a dynamic  graphic and web agency. We treat our work as a mission and duty towards our clients. We know they wish their best by offering final consumers unique and valuable experiences or consumables.


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