It is the first step we take when we start working on a design. We analyze the field and the competition and see what the latest trends are.


In the next stage we come up with ideas and concepts that fit the needs of the new project and the client.


This stage we will use the most time, in which the designer’s knowledge is combined with the client’s wishes to obtain a modern design.


We make sure that the final product is received by the customer together with all the files.

What services do we offer you in SEO?

4. Seo by webkreativ,no

SEO campaign = Promotion in Google by SEO optimization of your site

We have incorporated 23 general ranking factors that any agency (which offers SEO services) must take into account in optimizing the site! The complexity of the search algorithm is confirmed by Google engineers who claim that there are +200 general ranking factors, divided into over 10.000 sub-factors.

Increasing organic traffic and keyword positions in Google

Improving keyword positions in Google by optimizing (relative to their search volume) will also generate an increase in organic traffic. The increased level of traffic represents the modification of the variable in the “Ecommerce” equation:

[Traffic] • [Conversion rate] = Number of customers

The logo is a unique creation and represents the brand identifier BY WEBKREATIV.NO

Unlimited visibility in front of your customers

TOP positions in Google represent unlimited display in front of your audience / customers. Unlike paid campaigns (Google Adwords), where keyword display is limited by budget, geolocation, device, time, organic visibility (obtained by optimization) is unlimited, being in the SERP results at any time, in any location and on any type of device.

2.The logo is a unique creation and represents the brand identifier BY WEBKREATIV.NO

Increase assisted conversions on user acquisition cycle

Website Optimization by

The lead acquisition / generation cycle is unique depending on the audience and is the biggest challenge for marketers. Organic traffic is an increasingly used resource by PPC specialists, within the Display / interaction personalization campaigns, regarding the assistance of the client until the final step: the acquisition / fulfillment of the objective.

Organic traffic is a viable resource that can improve the entire Google Adwords campaign both through optimized organic keywords and for improving KPIs (Performance Marketing).

The stages and strategy of an SEO optimization process in an agency

A) Tracing objectives and performance indicators

1. Increasing non-brand organic traffic

To measure the performance of these values ​​we use tools for segmenting and extrapolating metric data from the Google Analytics and Google Search Console account.

Seo Monitoring bu
Seo Content Management by

2. Increasing the organic visibility of the site on representative keywords (Buy-Words / Discover Words)


User search behavior is dynamic, and confirmation comes directly from Google. 15% of users’ daily searches in the search engine are unique, which is why keyword analysis is so important. The keyword structure that we will optimize can be segmented as follows:

Buy Words
Discover Words
To measure organic visibility, we set an initial KPI (T0) calculated mathematically based on the search volume and Google position of the selected keywords.

B) On Page SEO Optimization

3. Optimizing / Modifying the site architecture

Identifying keywords that require SEO optimization and user search behavior can lead to changes in the structure of the site. In the structural changes we take into account the analysis of the competition, but also the improvement of the users’ browsing experience on the site.

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4. Internal linking structure

In the context of an increasingly educated e-commerce audience, improving the internal linking structure is a priority for any site. Improving UX (user experience) through technical implementations are quality signals for Googlebot as well. Depending on the chosen platform (PrestaShop, Opencart, Magento, CS-cart, Shopify or WordPress / Woocommerce) we apply customized and adaptable techniques.

5. Relevance of SEO elements (title, h1, tag, etc.)

The main SEO elements in 2019 (<title> and <h1>) generate rapid ranking changes when they are updated. These SEO attributes (On-Page SEO optimization techniques) are sensitive insofar as they must be representative of the content of that page.

Seo Keywords Optimation by
Campaign Timing by

6. Page / site load speed

Long loading times = lost customers. Mobilegeddon, a Google algorithm update, also incorporates quality scores for mobile site uploads. Omitting this element of SEO optimization can make it difficult for the results to appear.

7. Signals of duplicity of content

Creating unique, enriched and relevant content is a challenge for every webmaster. Copied pictures, groups of words copied and modified with synonyms are low quality signals for Googlebot, which are integrated into the overall calculation. Depending on the type of site (online store / presentation site) we come up with graphic solutions (eg structuring infographic information on the site) and strategies for adding content from users.

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8. SEO friendly URL structure

These are the basic rules of creating a site and are a “must-have”, regardless of the platform. The optimization of URLs is done according to the content of the page, the representative keywords, taking into account the rules of the specialist (density, over-optimization, etc.).

9. SSL Certificate (Https Security)

Securing all pages with an SSL certificate is about improving your keyword rankings. This ranking factor is part of the core of the algorithm and is confirmed by Google officials in a press release on the official blog.

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10. Structure of breadcrumbs

The navigation chain oriented to site visitors, which can influence the process of indexing and accessibility of URLs. Depending on the architecture of the site pages (categories, subcategories, filters, sub-pages) we come up with the technical solution for implementation. This is implemented according to Google documentation.

11. Indexing and crawling status

Represents the SEO status indicators of the site regarding the indexing of the pages, being also transposed in the Google Search Console interface.

The indexing status is transposed by the server response time, page magnification (in Kb), html code structuring, dynamic indexable URL structure.

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12. Placing keywords on the page and their weight

The placement of keywords on the page must be implemented intelligently and natively so as not to cross the barrier between the “Keyword stuffing” process and their density (weight). The most frequent Google updates are of the On-Page SEO type, such procedures being among the most common on most sites.

13. Website optimization for mobile

Indexarea actuala a continutului unui site se face privind datele afisate pe varianta de Desktop. Inginerii Google estimeaza ca in viitorul apropiat indexarea continutului se va face exclusiv de pe varianta Mobile.

Ne confruntam cu diferente de rezultate organice din ce in ce mai mari intre Desktop/Mobile, controland procesul prin tracking-ul zilnic a peste +20.000 de cuvinte cheie (tracking zilnic a cuvintelor cheie privind pozitionarea pe Desktop si Mobile).

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14. The size of the content on the page

The experience of SEO projects has shown us that the size of the content on the page is a ranking factor for optimization. The sketching and placement of the content on the page come as recommendations from the SEO specialist, and his analysis is based on the type of site, page, structure, etc. Enriching the content on the page, especially when it comes to an online store, is a challenge for the SEOCupcake team.

15. Frequency of internal content update

The frequency of content refresh represents signals of quality and interest on the site’s audience. The existence of a blog, a section of “How to,”, “Dictionary” or any content structure addressed to the audience is a tool through which we can attract these quality signals.

We identify unexplored opportunities on topics, create content and then optimize it!

Ne confruntam cu diferente de rezultate organice din ce in ce mai mari intre Desktop/Mobile, controland procesul prin tracking-ul zilnic a peste +20.000 de cuvinte cheie (tracking zilnic a cuvintelor cheie privind pozitionarea pe Desktop si Mobile).

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16. Page indexing history

The age of a landing page, its average position, the number of impressions (impressions), but also other indicators represent the indexing history. The SEO specialist studies the history of the website (in general), as well as each optimized page.


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